ACRYLEX | Elastomeric Waterproofing System

ACRYLEX is a Single component Liquid Applied, high resilient waterproofing system based on modified Acrylic Resin. It cures on exposure to atmosphere and forms an Elastomeric Seamless Membrane.

– Roof deck and walls (either concrete or cement) mortar, wood and metal
– Over terrazzo tiles / asbestos roof
– Can be applied over spray applied polyurethane foam and other materials that are ultra violet degradable
– Under tiled areas i.e. bathroom, toilets and kitchens

– ACRYLEX is a single component compound and ready to use from the container without mixing
– No catalysts are necessary as ACRYLEX self cures when exposed
– Cold applied by spray, bush, roller or squeegee
– ACRYLEX cuts cost of application by eliminating mixing, splicing sealing tapes, adhesives and other labor consuming methods required when installing other conventional types of waterproofing system
– Provides a seamless (no joint) waterproofing
– The superior flexibility and elongation properties of ACRYLEX allow expansion and contraction of the substrate without cracking or becoming brittle

Pail: 23 Kg