KAPISEAL | Primer & Sealer

Kapiseal is a durable high performance sandable acrylic, stain block primer-sealer designed for interior or exterior use on all wood and wood by products, masonry and gypsum drywall. Kapiseal may also be used to block out smoke damage and other stains. This product may be top coated with latex or alkyd. It features water clean-up and easy application with brush, roller or spray. Kapiseal penetrates and seals concrete surfaces and improves concrete properties. In addition, it is suitable for sealing old, dry, absorbent, and untreated concrete. It has excellent adhesion on concrete surfaces and is recommended to all high alkali surfaces such as concrete, block work, and cement renderings as primer / sealer to prevent saponification.
Kapiseal has excellent flexibility and short drying time, with no harmful vapors and scents.

One drum of 17 liters is able to cover about 180 square meters when applied directly on concrete and the coverage rate might vary according to porosity of the surface.