CHRYSTASEAL Waterproofing by Crystallization with Improved Elasticity

Chrystaseal is an economical, cement based waterproofing material. It is applied as surface treatment on concrete brickwork and block work. It provides a deep seal penetration and permanent protection against fresh and salt water under pressure.

– Can withstand up to 70 m hydrostatic pressure
– Complies with BS 6920: 1988 and is WRC approved
– Waterproof weather applied internally and externally
– Cured coating reduces risk of efflorescence and salting
– Good adhesion
– Elastic
– compensates for small surface movements
– Non-toxic
– Durable
– lasts as long as the concrete
– Economical and simple to apply

Chrystaseal is non-toxic and waterproof whether applied internally or externally, so it can be used for many applications including the waterproofing and protection of:
– Water tanks
– Dams
– Tunnels
– Bridge decks
– Foundations
– Reservoirs
– Dock gates
– Swimming pools
– Retaining walls
– Sewage treatment works

25 Kg bag P. 49