Acrylic Base


Texture 900 is a ready-mixed, acrylic base, sand finish texture coating for interior and exterior use. It may be applied on primed or previously painted wallboard, and plaster; new or previously painted concrete or block construction. It is used for decorating and protecting homes, apartments, farm buildings, office buildings and other commercial structures.

Texture 900 provides hardness, film strength, durability and corrosion resistance. This texture is weather resistant and is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. It maintains its perfect color and brightness through years.

Texture 900 offers the user the opportunity to create an infinite variety of designs, or decorative personalized effect on exterior and interior walls and ceilings. It also provides patterned effects to subdue stark appearance of large smooth surfaces. In addition, on older patched surfaces it offers the added benefit of hiding small cracks and minor imperfections.

One Drum of 17 liters is able to cover about 20 to 30 square meters when applied over non-porous surfaces depending on the texture. As for porous surfaces, more paint is required to attain the desired texture.