EPOPUTTY Epoxy Bedding System

Epoputty is a high strength, non-slumping, two component epoxy bedding system. This system is tough and resilient when compared to concrete. It has excellent characterestics for a variety of bedding, gap filling and concrete repair applications. It is widely used for bedding tiles, fixtures, bridge beams, steel bridge bearings etc.
It is also used for grouting applications like securing bolts into walls, dowel bars anchoring, filling bolt pockets and fixing of surface ports for crack injection etc.
It is easily workable and can be applied by either trowel, spatula or knife.
It is resistant to a wide range of commonly met corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, salts, oils, greases and petroeum etc. It is widely used for repairing surface defects or honeycombing concrete in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. 

– Ware houses- Dairies- Service stations
– Chemical plants- Metal treating plants
– Machinery service areas
– Food processing and rendering plants
– Factories
– Garages and car repair facilities
– Aeroplane maintenance facilities 

– Forms high strength, non-slump, non-shrink, epoxy bedding system
– Forms a stiff but easily workable compound
– Resistant to impact and a wide range of corrosive chemicals
– Has strong adhesion to concrete
– Can be used for wide range of applications like bedding, grouting, crack filling and repair of surface defects in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications

Epoputty is packed as 3 kg kit. Each 3 kg kit will yield 1.75 liters.