PU BUCKLER Polyurethane Liquid Membrane for Waterproofing & Protection

PU Buckler is one component polyurethane fluid that cures with the humidity in the atmosphere.It produces an elastic strong film with excellent adhesion to different surfaces.PU Buckler contains a small percentage of solvent (xylol) and it can be thinned also with gasoline.
PU Buckler is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin with special inorganic fillers that provide with all these excellent weather, chemical, UV, mechanical and thermal resistance.

Special formulated to meet the demands of today’s waterproofing market
– Excellent adhesion on any surface
– Excellent weather & UV resistance, the white color reflects much of the solar energy and so reduce the internal temperature of the buildings considerably
– Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile & tear strength, abrasion resistance
– Excellent thermal resistance, the product never return soft
– Resistance to the cold: the film remains elastic even downs to -50°C
– Excellent chemical resistance
– PU Buckler when cured is absolutely non-toxic and it can be used in the water tanks. Moisture vapor transmission: PU Buckler films breathes, so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat

PU Buckler is packed in 6 kg & 25 Kg pails