KAPISTOP | PU Waterproofing

Kapistop is a solvent base liquid membrane that can be used as cost effective membrane paint for waterproofing applications replacing the PU liquid membrane.
Suitable on most roofing substrates including concrete, masonry, metal, Polyurethane liquid membrane, aged Bitumen, and other building surfaces.
Kapitell Water Stop is used to form a flexible anti-bacterial membrane against algae, mildew and fungi. It provides protection against water and vapor transmission. The membrane can be applied even in humid conditions.
Kapitell Water Stop low cost and superior performance makes it ideal for elasto-meric roof coatings and any waterproofing application.

– Anti-bacterial film protects against algae, fungi
– Suitable for multi-layer applications
– Superior water resistance
– Stands up to pounding water
– Excellent Adhesion to roofing substrates
– Improved elasticity
– Withstands roof contraction and expansion
– Dries quickly
– Second coat can be applied after 4 hours
– High tensile strength- resists cracking under pressure
– Can be installed in humid or cold conditions without concern- Resists cold and snow excellent for mountainous regions
– Helps reduce building energy cost by reflecting sun rays which also means lower temperature under the roof
– Can be supplied in any color desired unlike PU
– Does not dry when container is open unlike PU, can be used several times