EPOGROUT 95 Solvent

EPOGROUT 95 Solvent-Free High Performance Epoxy Grout System

EPOGROUT 95 is a three-component, solvent free epoxy system, consisting of Base (A), Hardener (B) and Quartz Filler (C).

EPOGORUT 95 is a high strength epoxy grout designed for grouting of machine and equipment bases of all types. Formulated to be applied in both thin and thick sections, EPOGORUT 95 is suitable for grouting bases of numerous configurations. This low shrinkage formula gives excellent strengths and resistance to many corrosive chemicals. EPOGORUT 95 provides excellent bond to foundation and provides maximum bearing for long lasting grouting projects.

– Fast setting/quick return to service
– High chemical resistance
– Excellent bearing
– Excellent compressive resistance
– Stable in deep or thick sections

27 kg. Kit of EPO GROUT GP will yield approximately 0.014m3 of grout.