KAPUTTY | Water Base Putty

Kaputti putty is water-base putty based on emulsified polyvinyl acetate resin and fine fillers designed mainly for water-based and oil-based systems. It is used for filling hairline cracks, blow holes, voids and surface discontinuities in both old and new concrete surfaces to give a high quality even surface suitable to be topcoated by water based or oil based paints. Kaputti is easily laid and sanded, it is an easy to apply filler. In addition, Kaputti is a single component (no mixing required), it can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces without slumping. This product has excellent adhesion to primed concrete substrates, short drying time, and no harmful vapors and scents. Suitable to be topcoated by water-based or oil-based paints.

One drum of 17 liters is able to cover about 50 square meters depending on the coat thickness.