CEMFLEX Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

Cementitious Waterproofing for Internal ApplicationsCemflex is resilient insulator cement-based paint, a prepackaged brush, roller or spray applied surfacing material. Modified with a high solids latex, this material exhibits excellent bond strength with reduced permeability. Cemflex forms a breathable protective coating. Cemflex protects exposed reinforced concrete structures from the attack of acidic gases and chloride ions. The coating is particularly suitable for use in areas of coastal and marine environments and can be used in all types of structures, for existing and new concrete. Cemflex exhibits high wear resistance, weather resistance and is suitable to be used as a decorative coating. The coating provides seamless resilient and flexible waterproofing which is suitable for reservoirs roofs and water tanks.

– Suitable for waterproofing water retaining structures
– Polymer modification reduces permeability and dusting while increasing bond, tensile and flexural strength
– Excellent resistance against the Middle East Environment
– Non-toxic- For interior or exterior use
– Excellent wear resistance
– User friendly
– low labor cost
– Nonpoisonous, suitable to use in potable water tanks

Cemflex coverage rate is 18m2 at 1 mm thickness.If Cemflex is to be subjected to light foot traffic minimum thickness should be 2 mm.

Cemflex is packaged as 20 Kg powder and 10 liters of polymer additives