BITUMEN RUBBER SB Rubberized Bitumen Enamel (Solvent Base)

RUBBERIZED BITUMEN ENAMEL is a rubber liquid membrane that has excellent sealing and adhesion properties over a number of porous and non-porous surfaces. It is a versatile membrane in both new and existing construction for underground, fully immersed, internal and external areas. Besides offering excellent membrane properties, also can be used as a protective coating for timber and metal surfaces.

Excellent elasticity up to 500%
– When stretched returns to original state unharmed flexible, accommodating normal substrate movement
– Ability to withstand continuously immersed areas
– Crack bringing properties up to 2mm
– High bonding properties to building substrates
– Bonds to asphalt and bitumen surfaces, ideal for repair of failed and aged coatings
– Compatible with cement for waterproofing slurries and mortars

– Retaining walls
– Interior bathroom floors
– External cellar and basement walls
– Planter boxes and garden beds
– Fish ponds, tanks and water features
– Roofing and membrane repairs