EPOSCREED K40 Solvent-Free Three Component Epoxy Screed

– EPOSCREEDK40 is a three-component solvent free epoxy mortar consisting of:Base (A), Hardener (B) and Quartz Filler (C)- Can be used for concrete floors that require high resistance to heavy loads, abrasion and traffic- Considered to be part of epoxy floor protection system when applied on well prepared concrete surfaces

Typical uses are in oil and chemical industries, food factories, stores, industrial kitchens, galleries, workshops, showrooms, car parks, etc…

– Can be applied in thicknesses up to 4cm
– High durability, resists heavy loads and traffic
– Provides higher abrasion resistance than normal concrete or asphaltic floors
– Easy and low cost maintenance
– Barrier coat with attractive colors that is easy to clean, and resistant to bacterial growth, water, salt solutions, detergents, oil, grease and oil derivatives

EPOSCREED K40 is available in 27 kg units.
One unit of 27 Kg will yield 13.5 liters.