Floor Hardener | Dry Shake

001The recommendations of the following topics should be carefully reviewed prior to the application.
– “Dry Shake Floor Hardeners” are formulated to be applied to properly designed, non air entrained
concrete. Conditions such as high winds, low humidity or hot or cold weather require mix design
changes and adjustments in application and/or finishing procedures.
-Awell compacted, leveled sub-grade is required. The recommendations of ACI 360, “Design of Slabs on
Grade”, should be followed.
– Calcium chloride or admixtures containing more than 0.05% chloride ions are not permitted for metallic dry shakes. Air content must be below 3% for all dry shakes.
– The correct number of bags shall be positioned on both sides of the slab placement prior to the start of
each days concreting operation.
– Note: Colored (pigmented) dry shakes require special attention to achieve a uniform color. If the job
involves placement of a colored dry shake, care should be taken with regard to the following:
– Delay application of the shake as long as possible to the get maximum color saturation at the surface of the slab.
– Apply the shake as evenly as possible and in two applications for maximum uniformity.
– Do not burnish the final trowel. Best appearance is achieved by hand troweling the final finish.