Anti-Carbonation | Acrylic


Anti-Carbonation for concrete has been specially formulated to confer long term protective and decorative

properties to concrete and masonry surfaces. The micro-porous structure of the coating acts as a barrier to the
ingress of Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide and other acid gases, but allows the passage of water vapor from the
substrate. The elastometric nature of Anti-Carbonation ensures good crack bridging properties, in case of
structural movement where new and existing concrete and masonry structures require protection fromWater,
Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Chlorides, Sulphates and UV radiation.
Examples:  car parks, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, subways, high rise flats, etc.

– Easy to clean
– Excellent weathering resistance
– Single pack and easy to apply
– Protects substrates form Carbonation
– Highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling
– Elastic nature with crack bridging properties
– Allows structure to “breathe”
– Water based and non-toxic
– Range of colors available (BS4800 or RAL standards)

17 liters pails